– Billie Gillespie

I am writing to tell you about an experience I recently had. I had double knee replacement on Nov. 8, 2016. That night my right kneecap got shattered and had to go back in surgery on Nov. 9th to try to fix the kneecap. I was in the hospital until Nov. 12th when they transferred me to Diamond Ridge for rehab. I have to say that was the best care I have ever received. The people there are the kindest, most caring and most sincere people I have ever met, bar none. I would like to give a shout out to a few of the people that did so much for me. First: My Polish Princess, Mira, who without her I am not sure I would have gotten through the tough times. Second: Lucy my physical therapist, who kept my spirits up even though I felt like this was going nowhere. Third: Tracee, who made me laugh every day and whose warm smile filled the room when she entered. Fourth: Jennifer, who was always there with an encouraging word. There are so many others: Kim in housekeeping, who kept my room neat all the time. Karen, who was also so encouraging. Alli, Terri, I am sorry I cannot remember all the people who I came in contact with, but everyone there has the best attitude and such caring spirit. Thanks to all at Diamond Ridge for making my long stay there bearable.

-Dennis Lunney

You are each and all members of a most caring, smooth-functioning, professional and personally invested organization. I have every reason to be thankful that you were there for me then and even now. Indeed, I am thankful and will pay it forward for the rest of my life.
I was transferred from Citrus Memorial Hospital Cardiac & Vascular Care Center to your facility late in the day on November 6, 2016. I was a little surprised and a lot pleased by my welcoming party. Your crew is like a large family, extending and contracting as necessary to cover the ever changing needs of people with needs similar to mine. I continued to receive care in the same measure I had come to expect while at the hospital.
Personal hygiene is most important to me, and I was truly blessed to have Alee attend to my needs each morning for all but one or two days. I had come from the hospital with more vitality than I’ve had in 30 or 35 years, and so I wanted to run up and down the halls. I’m a rule follower, though, and did my best to contain my enthusiasm to match my own. It’s amazing how closely attached one becomes to caregivers who truly care. I felt confident with my meds and other needs taken care of by Jenn. Betty could have been a drill sergeant, but she is good, and I really appreciated her manner. Terrie and Mira were always professional but good humored. Tracie was a thoughtful, truly caring lady both my wife and I were pleased to have with us. Lorna was a tireless helpmate and much appreciated. Ken Hirst had a significant impact on my sense of well-being and my improving health. He really knows his stuff and was kind and gracious in sharing it. Lucy and Bryant made big impressions with me, and I appreciated their knowledge, skills, and abilities. There were many others who contributed to my welfare, and I offer my thanks to all and hope to be forgiven for a failing memory. Those who attended me already know the depth of my thankfulness. Truly, the staff and members of the Diamond Ridge team work as a caring unit, and for that you all should be proud and know the tremendous difference it makes to your rehab patients!